Welcome to Jharkhand Startup ecosystem, with an aim to uplift small & medium enterprises, and build global startups!

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Empowering Knowledge leaders & industry experts!

Its a knowledge ecosystem with inbuilt business networking for the doers of world.

What do you get from the ecosystem

You get benefited of the eastern demographic reserves, talented youth, backed with top class academia & experts. All these key qualities of multiple provinces are aligned closely for the doers, with online economy model towards how this ecosystem platform operates for your value add, daily!

Supported by

Startup Departments

Govternments of east

Various business policy enablement


Industrial Associations

Various Industrial Councils


Angel Investors

Investors who belong from East India


Universities and colleges

Top academia & institutions

Now You Can!

Reach to the next Level. Make your next big thing, possible.

Convert problems into opportunities


Take your business concept grow sky high


Gain critical feedbacks from industry experts


build great action plans, that works!

Connecting you with subject matter experts

Who holds minimum of a decade of experience.

Connecting Top Global Talent with Startups &

is at the heart of economy.
Connecting top talent of world, who belong from
East with
you freely

Connecting Academia & experts for Innovation

Facilitate and launch
your industrial
innovation challenges
designed by experts,
and leading institutes
involving youth
for solving problems

Connecting Industries with Investments & Capital

East has lot of hidden success stories. Investors are highly optimistic about its growth prospects. This platform is designed to open up new economic corridors connecting the dots with all the stake holders at one place

Connecting Youth for Engagement with Global Access

East already has its unique position into core industrial sectors & now value is building with Online -economy getting started with help of glocal strategists. (Think locally, act globally)

Get direct access to entrepreneurs, startups & industry stakeholders, Professionals, Institutions, and Consulting-firms for ventures.

We are taking knowledge collaboration to the next level

Pickup your business area of focus. Search and connect with experts.

Contribute or Collaborate freely...↓

Directors Strategy

Vision building,
Organisational values, Capability building,
Director & board management, Competitive advantages , Market Share, Sustainable growth, Succession Planning, Diversifications

Develop New Products

Market lifecycle,
Problem-fit, Product market-fit,
Road Mapping, Prototyping, Pitch deck, Launch & scaleup,
Product lifecycle

Build Market Strategy

Market Strategy, New Markets, Exisiting Market, Market research, Market Analysis, Market intelligence, Business forecasting, Market validation, Product development, Product Positioning, Market penetration , Product Diversification

Amplify your Marketing

Marcom, Advertisment, Branding, Media trade, Product Pricing, Product Pacakging, Trade promotion, Product Design, Creatives, ATL, BTL

Increase Sales

Sales Strategy, Go to market (GTM), Customer relations (CRM), Business Development, Ditrubution Channel, Sales process, Sales Management, Digital sales, Tender and contracts, Corporate sales, Sales promotion

Improve Excellence

Project management, Leadership development, Quality management, Process excellence, Policy development, Organisation Culture, Customer satisfaction, Infrastracture, Technology, Automation

Increase Production

Casting, Forming, Joining, Machining, 24x7 Manufacturing, Continues manufacturing, Batch wise manufacturing, Job shop manufacturing, Discrete manufacturing, 3d Printing manufacturing, Customised on-demand, Handmade, Handcrafted

Take help of Commercial Writers

Tender works, Contracts & Agreements, Business presentation, Business proposals, Product presentation, Company presentation, Grants & funding application, Project Reports (DPR), Employee communication, Customer communication, Institutional communication, Public relations(P.R), News & Media Management

Increase Employees Productivity

Administration, Human Resourcing, Employer branding, Training & developemt, Performance management, Talent attraction and retention, Development of Managers, Teams, Employees, Partners, Internal Customers

Venture and finance

Due diligence, Angel investments, Crowd funding, Venture Captial, Term loans, Asset lending, Equity, Merger & Acqusition, Book keeping

Legal and compliance

Business formation, Business law, Partnerships, Employement Law, Restrtacturing, Drafting, Terms, Contracts, Litigations, Regulations, Taxes, Internet Law

Coprights and intellectual property

Copyrights, Trademark, Ordinary Non-Provisional patent, Convention patent, PCT International patent, PCT National patent, Patent of Addition, Divisional patent