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Unparalleled business growth needs a strong foundation!

Sep 18 '21 | By LEAD Business Growth LLP | Views: 309 | Comments: 0

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur?


We hear a loud chorus ‘Absolutely’! Sure, you want to be successful. So, ask yourself ‘Am I valuable to my venture’? ‘Am I adding value each day’? Ask this to yourself, when you are calm, composed and determined for sincere introspection.


Everyone wants to be successful, but why is it that the proportion of successful entrepreneurs and enterprises are meager, in reality? How is it that some businesses achieve significant milestones, while most find it hard to sustain their continuity? Is it a matter of ‘destiny’, ‘kismet’, ‘fate’ or ‘chance’? No offence intended to believers in these words, but the ‘successful’ lot have belief in ‘self’, more than they believe in fate. Not only do they hope and believe, they take steps, each day, to add value to their venture(s). They spend time in ‘planning’, instead of running their ventures just like the previous day or week or month/ quarter/ year. They take help and learn from experts, rather than having a ‘I know it all’ attitude. They leverage on ‘structures’ for their ventures, rather than try to do everything on their own, to cut costs. They visualize the long-term and picture themselves and their ventures in the near and distant future.


‘Does all this make sense?’ some of the entrepreneurs would ponder. Would these concepts apply to ‘my business’? You bet, they would! It does not matter if you are just a start-up, you would scale soon. If you are ‘small’, you’ll be ‘medium’ soon and ‘medium’ would then scale up to be a ‘large’ enterprise. But, whatever be the scale of your venture today, you need to plan for tomorrow, to move your venture to the next level … then the next level and so on. Think about ‘value’; think about ‘strategy’ and about ‘policies’, ‘governance’, ‘risk’, ‘controls’, ‘processes’, ‘automation’, ‘technology’ ... You’ll need to think about these structures for your enterprise, sooner or later. If you are holding back your thoughts on these ‘structures’, you might be restraining the growth of your venture.


So, deliberate how you can ‘add value’ to your venture … and take steps to structure your business. No matter what stage it is in, at the moment, effective structures would help increase the pace of growth! Stir yourself … break your mental block that you know best, how to run your business. Take help from professional experts, wherever you can. Think and act now! LEAD your business towards growth.


We would love to have your thoughts and inputs on the subject.

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